This innocent animal eats the blood of about 25 cows a year with human blood!

This animal sleeps in a dark place all day and at night it catches prey and sucks its blood. The only difference is that these vampires do not look like humans, they look like bats. This animal is known as vampire bat or vampire bat. Basically three species of bats are commonly called vampire bats.Read More

The software will identify sexual harassment

NexLP, a Chicago-based AI firm, is developing software to detect bullying and sexual harassment online using Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence technology. The software uses mathematical terminology to detect whether there is anything bullying or sexually explicit by examining computer documents, emails or chats. Different indicators will scrutinize the information and look for anyRead More

The world’s largest telescope will seek the mystery of the birth of the universe

The world’s largest and most powerful radio telescope is mounted on a mountain in southern China. On January 12, the program started completely. The official name of the telescope is the five-hinged-meter aperture spherical telescope, better known as its short name ‘fast’. China calls this telescope “Sky Eye” or “Sky Eye”.The Fast Telescope will searchRead More

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