Apple is bringing wonderful glasses of mysterious technology

The wonder of science is constantly making people think. Many surprising technologies are now in people’s homes. Many things used in our daily lives have added a new dimension to the touch of technology. Technology giant Apple has dominated the global smart watch market. This time the US company is going to bring smart glassesRead More

Google Map will identify more illuminated roads for women safety at night

Google Maps has a new feature coming. According to Google, many women get into trouble while traveling through the dark streets at night. Google Maps is bringing new features to help them. With this feature, the user can understand which road is more bright at night through Google Map. This feature, made by XDA developers,Read More

Robot Blacksmith

The dream of machines that build the machines are ultimately more important than whatever, it is you’re manufacturing. In his own work with Tesla and SpaceX, it’s clear why Musk says this. He uses less expensive and more scalable processes, to build the parts for spacecrafts and cars. That weird Cybertruck we love to hateRead More

How is a rocket made? The app will provide information made by nine years old boy application

How does ISRO build rockets? How or where does it launch? And how does it land? These questions arise in the minds of not only the adults, but also the children. And simply to answer all those questions, he made an app to teach only nine years. Sia Narale is a student at Tiptop ConventRead More