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Cuba invented corona vaccine ! No Need Patent?

Corona virus

Continued death marches throughout the world. The epidemic has spread slowly throughout the world since the epidemic in China. Although it is possible for many to return home, the number of dead has jumped all over the world. The pain of losing a loved one in Italy now. The left-leaning Cuban government carried the good news. Researchers in Cuba have discovered a drug.

They claim that these drugs can increase the immune system in the human body against coronary disease. If you do not enjoy the life of a coronary infected person. Cuba has not taken any patent for drugs, not just the discovery of drugs, but the drugs that can save the lives of the people of the world.

Cuba’s government health agency sources say the interferon alpha-to-B is a drug made by Coronan scientists.
The health department sources said that four coronary infants were cured using the drug. Cuba offered patents for coronary drugs to reach people around the world. Already, the use of the drug has begun in China and Italy. Recently, a physician team from Cuba visited Italy. They have given details on how to use the drug to the infected patient. But is this ‘Interferon Alpha To-Be’? Scientists say the drug is made from HIV, hepatitis-B and C, herpes zoster or shingles, dengue, and an effective contribution to the treatment of various cancers. Which is able to increase immunity by entering the human body. Has already responded to this unprecedented discovery. Progressive people all over the world have thanked the Cuban government for not holding patents. Left-leaning Cuban government once again proved that left-leaning ideology works for people.

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