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How is a rocket made? The app will provide information made by nine years old boy application

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How does ISRO build rockets? How or where does it launch? And how does it land? These questions arise in the minds of not only the adults, but also the children. And simply to answer all those questions, he made an app to teach only nine years. Sia Narale is a student at Tiptop Convent in Nagpur. Recently, she created a fancy app whose medium will be able to find out details about technology and its uses.

White Hat Junior. It is from this online platform that Sia extracts the word ‘coding’. She made the app in her own effort, so that everyone else could know what Siya had learned. With this app, readers will find out more about the rocket and the various parts of the rocket. You can even play part of the rocket. As soon as the game is over, these kids will know and understand, how many parts of a rocket are connected to each other, only if it is fully realized. And it is through this that they can understand how rockets work in Israel.
Experts believe that this rocket-making app will interest children in science. Being aware of technology and its use from an early age will increase your chances of studying astrophysics in the future. Will try to improve the technology. As a result, the future of rocket science will be accelerated. From a young age, interest in science and technology will increase the number of scientists in Israel. And as a result, India will go a long way in space research.

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