How is a rocket made? The app will provide information made by nine years old boy application

How does ISRO build rockets? How or where does it launch? And how does it land? These questions arise in the minds of not only the adults, but also the children. And simply to answer all those questions, he made an app to teach only nine years. Sia Narale is a student at Tiptop ConventRead More

Blue CD recovered at Anganwari school, widespread activity in Tarakeswar

During the Anganwari school, a blue photo CD was recovered from inside the school. The incident which has spread a lot of activity in the area. In the wake of the incident, when the chairman of the Tarakeswar Municipality arrived at the school, people around the area protested. According to local sources, a long-standing AnganwariRead More

You must have this app on your android phone in 2020

Today I will show you which application must have on your android mobile phone in 2020. You can download app this now for free. Toffee Have Toffee and experience instant hassle-less experience! Enjoy the ultimate streaming platform with access to the highest number of local and international TV channels, movies, telefilms, music videos – allRead More

Set of priceless diamonds stolen from a German museum | Fogfires

The theft was perfect. The museum’s electricity was disconnected at dawn on Monday. The alarm became alarming. The director of the museum, Marion Ackerman, says: “Pricing of stolen goods is not possible. They are priceless. ‘ Is this the biggest sign of industrial smuggling after World War II? Three priceless diamond sets were stolen fromRead More

Nokia brings smart sound quality smart TV, learn interesting features!

Flipkart is taking new initiatives to bring smart TVs at a low price in the country. The company is about to launch Nokia’s SmartTV just after the launch of Motorola’s branded SmartTV. Not just one SmartTV. Flipkart is about to bring Nokia’s TV series to Ekbbar. However, the specialty of Nokia’s smart TV is itsRead More

ileana d’cruz is shown in cinemas in different sizes of her body, alleged Elena

Ileana D’Cruz starred in a Southern film before setting foot in Bollywood. 5 percent of his career is superhero. Her reputation as a heroine is also very good. News on NDTV. Recently, the Bollywood heroine alleged that she had been subjected to various jokes about body size since she was a teenager. He had toRead More