Tanha in a challenging role

The first movie released by the actress Tanha Bee is titled ‘Love That Story’. He acted opposite Sumit Sen in this movie directed by Royal Khan. The actress also acted in several other films. Although he has never been seen in a new movie for some time, he is acting in two films later thisRead More

An invitation to Jyotika Jyoti

Jyotika Jyoti has been praised in several films including ‘Mirror’, ‘Nandit Hell’. A few days ago, his acting ‘Rajalakshmi and Srikanta’ was released in Upper Bengal. The actress also caught the eye of the critic through this film. The actress ‘Maya: The Lost Mother’ movie is being released on December 25th. And he invited toRead More

Blue CD recovered at Anganwari school, widespread activity in Tarakeswar

During the Anganwari school, a blue photo CD was recovered from inside the school. The incident which has spread a lot of activity in the area. In the wake of the incident, when the chairman of the Tarakeswar Municipality arrived at the school, people around the area protested. According to local sources, a long-standing AnganwariRead More

ileana d’cruz is shown in cinemas in different sizes of her body, alleged Elena

Ileana D’Cruz starred in a Southern film before setting foot in Bollywood. 5 percent of his career is superhero. Her reputation as a heroine is also very good. News on NDTV. Recently, the Bollywood heroine alleged that she had been subjected to various jokes about body size since she was a teenager. He had toRead More

The director wanted to see every inch of the body Survin Chawla

Bollywood mahal back with a casting couch. Complaints are flying from different places at different times. Ever-so-famous actresses have opened their mouths to pornographic directors and producers. This time, with a casting couch, he made an explosive comment on ‘Hate Story’ and ‘Sacred Games’ actress Survin Chawla. In an interview recently, Survin shared the horrificRead More