Again China: “Hunta Virus” More deadly than Corona

The whole world is shaking with the terror of the Corona virus. Virtually the entire world occupied the maroon virus. No antidote has been discovered so far. Multiple countries have reported the names of multiple drugs, but no drugs have been supplied so far as a direct anti-Corona virus. Meanwhile, the extent of Corona isRead More

Those foods that reduce the desire for physical relationships

Due to busyness, we often eat different types of foods as opposed to regular meals. Foods that actually satisfy our immediate appetite but have a very negative impact on sex life. In particular, the desire for physical union can also be lowered. Because of this, many people do not understand or use different drugs. Which,Read More

How is a rocket made? The app will provide information made by nine years old boy application

How does ISRO build rockets? How or where does it launch? And how does it land? These questions arise in the minds of not only the adults, but also the children. And simply to answer all those questions, he made an app to teach only nine years. Sia Narale is a student at Tiptop ConventRead More

Australia reduces warning on Bangladesh travel

Australian government reduces warning on travel to Bangladesh From now on, Australian citizens can travel to Bangladesh without any restrictions. However, due to the threat of political violence and kidnapping, the country’s Foreign Office’s Travel Advisory Department has advised Australian citizens to reconsider travel requirements in the Chittagong Hill Tracts region. The reduced warning wasRead More

Electricity throughout the country within 3-5 years

State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said that 100 percent uninterrupted electricity will be ensured within the next three to four years across the country. The minister said this in response to a supplementary question from BNP MP Harunur Rashid in Parliament on Monday. Nasrul Hamid said South Korea has takenRead More

Mongla and Payra number 3 are the major signal | Fogfires

The impact of the strong cyclone bulb has been said to show the number 3 magnitude signal at Mongla and Pigeon seaports. Besides, Chittagong-3 and Cox’s Bazar-1 have been asked to show signals. The weatherman said at around 9am on Saturday. Ruhul Kuddus reported this. “At 6am on Saturday morning, a magnificent cyclone was saidRead More