Easy Accounting Software for Small and Medium Businesses Owners

Practical Accounting and Invoicing Software in the Cloud that Small and Medium Business owners use to keep their businesses accounts in order, clear, and up to date. Manage invoicing, accounts receivable and payable, cash and banks, inventory and cash flow. Easily export income and expenses reports for your accountant.

Useful Management – Accounting and Invoicing Software

HR Management

  • Manage all company information
  • Manage locations
  • Add & list departments & designations
  • Create employee profiles with editing privilege
  • Share announcements
  • Manage holidays
  • Allow employees to request for leave
  • Manage employee leaves & leave policies
  • Reports based on employee age & gender, head count, salary, year of service.

Accounting System

  • Overview & tracking of income, expenses, receivables, payables, balance etc.
  • Reports like ledger report, trial balance, income statement, sales tax report, balance sheet etc.
  • Set financial year or fiscal year.
  • Set opening balance for all accounts.
  • Closing balance sheet of a financial year.
  • Preloaded ledger accounts for assets, liabilities, expenses, income, etc.
  • Add custom ledger accounts or bank accounts according to your needs.
  • Manage sales using invoices.
  • Create quotations for estimation.
  • Receive payments from customers.
  • Create bill for any customer, vendor, or employee
  • Pay bills against any bill
  • Make direct expense or issue a check.
  • Purchase products or services
  • Make payments to vendors.
  • Create products/product categories.
  • Create unlimited users like vendors, customers etc.
  • Partial payments for any transactions.
  • Create unlimited bank accounts, manage, view economics in graph.
  • Journal entry for any transaction.
  • Create tax rates, tax agencies, tax zones & tax categories for invoices.
  • Pay tax to agencies
  • Send pdf copy of all transactions via email
  • Filter reports by date range
  • Print all transactions or reports

CRM System

  • Contacts with life stages to prioritize service
  • Create contact groups
  • Make notes for each customer
  • Activity logs show all dealings.
  • Schedule meetings & calls directly
  • Create company profiles
  • Filter contacts using keywords or attributes
  • Saved search filters & conditions
  • Assign contacts & tasks to the right agents
  • CRM activity report including customers & business growth

Project Manager

  • Your own company profile
  • Full control over operations
  • 44+ Currency Support
  • Overview of all modules
  • Notification emails with templates & shortcode
  • Help from support & documentation

Get a unique interactive experience of managing your business independently with the most reliable information Storage & system of record on WordPress. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system through which you can simultaneously manage your WordPress site and business from a single platform. ERP has 3 core modules: HR, CRM and Accounting, which together make a complete ERP system for any type of business.

Easy Accounting Software for Small and Medium Businesses Owners

Simple and Intuitive Practical Accounting

Save time with automation Use From Anywhere

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Why Small Business Owners Love

One login to track all your work and clients

Real-time access to client files anytime, anywhere

Secure communication and document sharing

Comprehensive training and product support

Track your finances with QuickBooks and save an average of over 100000BDT per year

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