An invitation to Jyotika Jyoti

Jyotika Jyoti has been praised in several films including ‘Mirror’, ‘Nandit Hell’. A few days ago, his acting ‘Rajalakshmi and Srikanta’ was released in Upper Bengal. The actress also caught the eye of the critic through this film. The actress ‘Maya: The Lost Mother’ movie is being released on December 25th. And he invited to see it. Created by a government grant, the film is directed by Masud Pathik. Meanwhile, the trailer was released on December 22, before its release. The film starring Jyoti is also getting much acclaim in the trailer.

The heroine said, ‘Maya: The Lost Mother’ is a film donated by the government of Bangladesh. National Film Award-winning producer Masud Pathik has produced the film based on the poem ‘Woman Shishu’ by the legendary artist Shahabuddin Ahmed and the poet Kamal Chowdhury. I played the role of ‘Maya’ in this movie.
The film is set to be released across the country on December 23. I invite everyone to visit this hall. In the Maya of Bangladesh, Maya of the War of Liberation, Maya of war warriors, together with your family, friends, relatives, see the picture, then come and join us in the campaign. See ‘Maya’ is your picture too, Bangladesh’s picture. Mumtaz Sarkar (Kolkata), Pran Rai, Debashish Kaiser, Hassan Imam, Jhuna Chowdhury have played more roles in Maya.