Blue CD recovered at Anganwari school, widespread activity in Tarakeswar

During the Anganwari school, a blue photo CD was recovered from inside the school. The incident which has spread a lot of activity in the area. In the wake of the incident, when the chairman of the Tarakeswar Municipality arrived at the school, people around the area protested.

According to local sources, a long-standing Anganwari school has been running at a house in the ward no. 5 of the Tarakeswar Municipality. On Thursday morning, the head of the school, Sapna Samanta, appeared directly to inquire into the school office. While looking at some papers, they suddenly came out and digged into the mud. The blue photo CD was left out of the office papers. As the incident spread like wildfire, people from the area gathered at the organizing center and surrounded the chairman and started protesting. BJP workers also joined in the protest.

When the situation reached its peak, the police reached the spot and brought the situation under control. In this incident, Jagannath Das, secretary of the Arambagh organizational district, said it was a shame that the business of blue cassette business was going on in an organizing school. His allegations are associated with this blue picture by grassroots leaders and include the chairman of the Tarakeswar Municipality. He further alleged that the leaders of the ruling party occupied an office and performed their party activities. The administration is indifferent despite repeated complaints.


  1. From the little I understand, this photo was the cause of the size of the disorder. In fact, it is well accomplished and very suggestive, apart from sensual and provocative. Anyway, the great protest comes and goes and the blessed photo is still rolling.

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