ileana d’cruz is shown in cinemas in different sizes of her body, alleged Elena

Ileana D’Cruz starred in a Southern film before setting foot in Bollywood. 5 percent of his career is superhero. Her reputation as a heroine is also very good. News on NDTV.

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Recently, the Bollywood heroine alleged that she had been subjected to various jokes about body size since she was a teenager. He had to listen to different kinds of things about the body. Even being a woman, she had to listen to different things. At the same time he has had to work with some amateur people for a long time.

He complains that many times he sees images of different parts of his body enlarged. But not really his size, multiple parts of my body are enlarged for a different purpose. It should be noted that Illyana has been praised for his commercial success in the film as well as for the figure.

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