The story of the movie is to naked Paoli: Taslima

Actress Paoli Price and nudity are synonymous now! Paoli wants to open his clothes when he sees Price! Many people think that Paoli Price can be naked in the movie! But if anyone can get naked, he has to be naked! So the story of the movie was written to naked Paoli Price! The memory of the fungus has not faded yet. A search of the funeral of Paula Price starred in the sex scene may not be accurate. But after that search, many people were saved on the mobile phone Paoli Price sex. But a few years after being touched by the fungus, masculinity is getting more entrenched in Paoli Price nude in Bengali cinema! Instead of being modern and believing in humankind, people are becoming more archaic!

Shy artist Taslima Nasrin made such explosive comments on Facebook over a recent Bangla movie. At the same time, the writer’s obsession is that the director of films like Paret Panchali may not be in West Bengal. Not only that No director would be born in West Bengal to make a movie like Patcha Panchali. In this context, the artist of shame is arguing that the situation in Bengali cinema is at a disadvantage now. That is why the stories and dialogues of Bengali cinema in the present are wonderful. For that reason, Taslima Nasrin can watch some of the director’s films for some time and he does not think anyone outside those directors can make Bengali films.

However, the author’s followers, like Facebook, support his explosive comments. Likewise, the Bengali movie and actress Paoli Price seems to have been promoted in response to that comment. At the same time, some say, why such a question arises when nudity occurs in Bengali cinema? The name of the recent Bengali film is ‘Wounds’. Taslima Nasrin said on Facebook that she did not mind seeing the picture of eating popcorn when it rained. But after seeing the wound, the artist was ashamed of the wound! And Taslima Nasreen has made explosive comments on her social media.

He says that, after seeing Paoli Price, do the image managers want to open his clothes? One time I used to watch the boys save a sex scene of Paoli on their mobile I’ve heard many people say that Paoli may be naked in the picture. Well, does anyone have to be naked if they can be naked? The wound seems to have been written for Paoli. For naked Paulie. Day by day, people will be modern, believe in humanity, it is becoming more aristocratic, more and more is consolidating masculinity. In the world of art and literature, more and more people are entering the world.


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