Sister gave the bath scene of the actress on the Internet

The showbiz is reopened as much as it does not. There is very little that can be said of the bodily honor to the people of this world. Meanwhile, the actress named Sara Khan came up again. Again, Sara Khan, a popular Hindi TV serial in the face of controversy. Viral is the scene of his naked bath.

According to Indian media, Sara is currently in Sri Lanka for an event. His sister is with him. The hazard occurred while bathing in the hotel.

In the bathtub of the hotel room, Sara and Aira were bathing. The bath scene is uploaded to Instagram. In the video, Sarah is seen naked. Within a moment the video goes viral.

The video was discussed and criticized immediately. Whoa goes viral. Without delay, Ayra deleted it from Instagram. But shortly after, Ayra posted another photo of Sarah bathing. The picture also shows Sarah sitting in the bathtub.

He also opened his mouth to criticism. He said he went on a Sri Lankan tour with his family. And working in a bathtub with your sister is not a bad thing. However, posting that video was wrong. So with the understanding that the video is deleted.

Contextually, before this, Sara has been involved in various debates. Ali was married to another member of the Big Boss house. Although divorced after being out of the Big Boss.

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