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Some photos have been floating on Facebook for the last 4 hours Some are sharing those pictures, or some are protesting the release I see hope in protest of the gory remarks about an actress’s personal picture Occasionally, I see news in the pages of newspapers, in some areas of rape, threatening to publish videos. That is, the rapist has not only endured rape, but has also made a video of his gruesome crime. And threatened to release the video if the woman disclosed the rape

Something like this happens occasionally in the media However, I imagine many women may choose to remain silent for fear of having to reveal their secret moments or videos. And they were physically and mentally raped with the opportunity to remain silent

I think it is important for women to have this fear of revealing secret pictures and videos Because this fear is not just trying to cover up incidents like rape, but also trying to use it in a way that is socially offensive to women. It has become one of the ways of claiming women

Therefore, it is important to remove this unnecessary fear from the mind of women And a good example could be the personal photos of actress Rafiqat Rashid Mithila and one of her ex-boyfriends. The pictures that both lovers and lovers Harahamesha took in the current era are similar. By the way, he has published the pictures with no ill intent and without breaking the current law. And that’s why there is a huge disconnect in social media

I have seen many people on Facebook trying to take a kind of perverse pleasure by publishing those pictures Some are again condemning Mithila’s relationship as ‘illegal, immoral, antisocial’, etc. They think that they are the protector of society However, many of their Facebook profiles are all visible on the Facebook page, the group they are walking around with, the role of their protector is absolutely inexcusable.

Let’s say, Mithila is on the positive side of the debate this time In the last two days on Facebook, I have seen many of my friends standing next to Mithila One of the youngsters has come to Facebook Live to ask what an adult woman will do in her personal life, whom to meet, whom to stay with, what else to do!

I totally agree with this young lady Agree with the numerous people like him who think that the personal picture of Mithila has been grossly wrongfully done without his consent. This is a gross violation of a person’s privacy

In Germany, the privacy of individuals is very strictly protected In this country it is a serious crime to publish pictures of a person’s personal range without his permission A physician may not share the personal information of his patient with any third party The media cannot publish pictures of a suspected person if they want Even for the sake of security where CCTV cameras are installed, it is mandatory to hang the notice. The videos that are often concealed in the courts of this country do not act as evidence of an incident if they were held in a private manner without permission.

In our society, these matters of personal privacy have not yet been established in that way There is a lack of knowledge about this among the common people However, there are laws to prevent what has been done with Mithila by taking personal photos Hopefully, the actress has announced a legal battle He likened the profanity with his image on Facebook to ‘virtual rape’, and claims he has been judged for the rape.

I think Mithila’s protest will make many more women brave enough not to be scared of ‘fear’ of revealing secrets. They will understand that few pictures do not fix a person’s identity, social status Rather, the more the fear of women will be eliminated, the wider the path to women’s freedom

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