Tanha in a challenging role

The first movie released by the actress Tanha Bee is titled ‘Love That Story’. He acted opposite Sumit Sen in this movie directed by Royal Khan. The actress also acted in several other films. Although he has never been seen in a new movie for some time, he is acting in two films later this year. Tanha Bee said, I am working on two new films at the end of the year. Amir Siraji’s ‘Occupation’ and Rakibul Alam are working on a contract called ‘Yes Madam’ by Rakib. The film ‘Yes Madam’ is currently underway. I am playing the role of a police officer in this movie.

A character that is terribly challenging. Aman Reza is starring opposite me in this movie. And I acted opposite Maruf Aqib in the movie ‘Dhil’ I am very optimistic about the new work. It is to be noted that the viewers have seen the item song of Chitagayanga Poa Noakhayala Maiya in the last good sky. After performing this item titled ‘Super Heroine’ out of acting in the movie, he got a lot of response.