What to do at home to prevent Corona

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, everyone is now asked to stay at home as much as possible. Due to the closure of the school, the children are also house bound. But the home being located, is it risk-free? In this case, keeping the hygiene and hygiene rules, the house can be kept at risk.

Cleaning and disinfecting the home

At home everyone has to develop a habit of regular hand washing. Every time you cook or prepare a meal, before and after eating a meal, before and after using the bathroom, you must wash your hands with soap and water immediately after returning from outside. Use handwash if soap-water is not available immediately. In addition, the door handles, knobs, telephone, remote, switches, which are used frequently, must be disinfected regularly.

There are two steps to keeping the home floor and other floors clean. One is cleaning or disinfecting, the other is disinfecting or disinfecting. First, the floor, floor, etc. should be cleaned with water, detergent or floor cleaner material. Then disinfect with disinfectant material. Bleach or 3 percent alcohol mixture is effective as a disinfectant. To make bleach mix at home, one tablespoon of bleach should be mixed in 1 gallon of water Clean the kitchen, bathroom and other floor of the floor, any floor (such as dishwasher, staircase, staircase, table, kitchen cabinet top, sink area, etc.) several times a day. You must wear gloves on hand before cleaning. And at the end of the work you will drop it and wash your hands. Carpet, mat, matt, etc. can be cleaned with disinfectant spray.

Place a tissue or kitchen roll in each room of the house, so that the tissue can be found only when coughing or sneezing. It is best if the tissue or dirt is covered. Wrap raw fish-meat waste in a polythene and wrap it in the mouth. Then, rub your hands with soap and clean. Wash boards, knives, and soap for use in cooking and chopping.

Which should be returned from the outside

You have to get out of work. Other than that, there are people outside the home, domestic workers. The hand should be washed with soap-water before touching anything back from outside. Quickly change outdoors clothes. Avoid shaking hands with guests. Wash hands after taking any outside parcels, packets or anything else. Hand wash can be done with soap-water at the entrance.

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