This phenomenon, which originates the foundations of a family, has developed and changed over a thousand years and reached the present day. Although marriage continues at this moment with an established structure, it still continues to change. The main reason for this change is the sociocultural status of societies and the view on marriage.Well, how was marriage applied in history and what were the perspectives?

Let’s take a look together. Some useful information:The word love is said to be rooted in the Persian word ‘ashiqah, a vine. In the old centuries, courtship meant extending the end. Courtship, as we know it in today’s context was not introduced until the 16th century. The wife of Sumer King Su-Sin wrote love letter on a stone, who ruled in Mesopotamia in 2500 BC, which is the first love letter in history.

  1. Historian found the first marriage certificate in Mesopotamia.
  2. The reason why honeymoon is called honeymoon is because the relatives who brought only food and honey knew the place of the girls who were kidnapped in Northern Europe.
  3. Flirting in 1598 meant “to make fun of” while in the following 100-200 years it changed to “call for invite, to court someone”.
  4. As a symbol of fertility, the Romans would throw crumbled wedding cookies to the bride.
  5. In Rome, the bride and groom have to eat the same cookie. This tradition is the roots of the modern wedding cake.
  6. The Assyrians would make the marriage official by covering the bride’s head.

The Greeks claimed that there was a vein in the ring finger on the left hand. This vein was a love vein and that it would go all way up to the heart. However, nowadays it is proved that there is no such vein that is special to the ring finger. Societies perceived and practiced the tradition of marriage in many different ways by. Here are the understandings of marriage in some societies:

China: Chinese marriage did not regulated by love, but entirely by families. Their families used to take preparations on this occasion. In every society families would constantly encourage young people to marry.

Ancient Egypt: In ancient Egypt Endogamy is the process the practiced. The Pharaohs would marry their sisters because of the throne. Because the marriages were conducted in this manner, it had also reflected on to the public. Divorce was rare and female dominance was visible according to other societies.

Ancient Greece: In ancient Greece love would start after marriage. The groom would buy presents for his mother-in-law and the father of the bride would prepare the dowry.

Sumerian’s: There were many laws and rules in the marriage of Sumerian’s. Whilst the father and mother had equal rights on the children they did not have equal rights amongst each other. If the wife had cheated on her husband she could be sentenced to death or she could not have children he could divorce her. Apart from these, in many nations and religions marriage has been understood, applied and considered sacred in different forms.

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