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Lalbagh Museum

Image by Aminur Rashid from Pixabay

The Lalbagh Palace – the fort itself is completely full of the glory of the Mughal period. In addition to these monumental designs, the Archeology Department plans to design the Museum of Lalbagh Fort several years ago with the intention of shedding more light on the lifestyle of the Mughal period. Placing new buildings in or near ancient ruins is against the archaeological practice; Therefore, the museum has been established within a short span of the two-storeyed Durbar Hall built by Shahzada Azak. They have been used as exhibition space without altering the original features of the interior panels and niche inside the room.

Image by Aminur Rashid from Pixabay

From the English period to the independence period, many valuable artifacts were smuggled out of the country and due to lack of proper protection, the goods of the Mughal period were extremely scarce in this country. Nevertheless, the Department of Archeology has been able to collect some artifacts in the last few years. All of these artifacts include armaments, manuscripts, coins, pottery, carpets, handicrafts, etc. during the Mughal period.

Only two of the exhibits are closely related to the history of Lalbagh Fort. Another is the inscription on black stone found on the loose stone at Paribir’s shrine and a portrait of Azam Shah. The rest is not directly related to Lalbagh Fort, but is associated with a long history of the Mughal period. Remarkably, most of these things are in the last days of the Mughal period.

Ticket receipt:

The ticket counter is right on the doorstep of Lalbagh fort, the price of the ticket per person is twenty bucks, but no ticket is required for any child under five years. Ticket prices are one hundred rupees for foreign visitors to SAARC and two hundred for other foreign visitors.

Closed-Opening Schedule:

The castle is open from 9am to 5pm in the summer. Closes for half an hour from noon to 4.3 in the middle. And it is open from 7am to 5pm in the winter. In the winter, it is closed from noon to 7.1pm. It is always closed on Friday for Jummah prayers from twelve to three and a half. Lalbagh castle is open on Sundays and on Mondays from 2.3 pm. There is also a Lalbagh fort on a special day.

How to go

One can go to Lalbagh by renting a rickshaw at Tk. If the visitor wants to go to Lalbagh, you can also walk on foot. From Dhaka’s Sadarghat Launch Terminal, one can go to Lalbagh via Babu Bazar.

Baliati Zamindar House, Manikganj

Tanweer Morshed - নিজের কাজ কর্তৃক, সিসি বাই-এসএ ৩.০,
Tanweer Morshed

Baliati zamindar house located in Saturia upazila of Manikganj district is one of the palaces built in Bangladesh in the nineteenth century. The founder of this zamindar family was a Govind Ram Saha. Who was a merchant and businessman. The zamindar house consists of several structures which are divided into five separate sections. There are a total of eight vast two-storey and three-storey installations. The buildings are surrounded by walls. The south side of the palace has four lighthouses as the gateway, and to the north is a large pond. On the south side, there are rows of Corinthian columns in the front facade. Visual craftsmanship can also be noted in the installations. The museum is currently housed inside a building known as Rang Mahal.

Mymensingh Museum

Amrit Babu Road is a little east of the Municipal Building in Mymensingh. Here was the gardener of Madanmohan Babu, the zamindar. The Mymensingh Museum was inaugurated in this garden. The museum is assigned to the conservatory of Mymensingh Municipality. Later it was handed over to the Municipal Government Archeology Department in the 5th.

The artwork collected and collected in the museum is the basis of the patronage of the zamindars in the Mymensingh region for the development of art, culture, music and drama. Muktakacha, Gaurapur, eighteen zamindars with luggage and other materials were set up by the museum.

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