The greatest discovery of the century of Egypt

At the Luxor of Egypt, 3 mummies have recently been discovered Mummies stored in crafted wooden coffins are 3 years old Soon the Egyptian government will open those tourists

Box below the ground

These coffins were discovered in a tomb in the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor Archaeologists are opening one of them This incident is seen as the largest invention of human coffin since 9.

For thousands of years

A total of 4 coffins were found The body of the priest, their family and children is believed to have been mummified in them They were buried in the 5th century BC At the time of the reign of the 22nd Pharaoh, 1

Will tourism speed up?

In recent months, Egypt has announced several important discoveries of their ancient civilization Protests against former president Hosni Mubarak in 20 and the country’s tourism industry have declined in the wake of the 25-year military coup. These discoveries are expected to boost the sector again

In search of mystery

There are skilled craftsmanship on both the inside and outside of the coffins Experts have wondered how the exact color or the clear writing is still intact.

Discovering the best of the century

The southern city of Luxor is known in Egypt as a treasure trove of history and archeology That is why such a great discovery in Al-Asif’s two-level tomb was unexpected to everyone. In the last 5, there were many such coffins discovered at the same time

For the visitors

Initiatives have been taken to preserve the coffins through extensive renovation They will then be sent to the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza They will be opened to visitors in 2021

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