This is the oldest pearl in the world, dug in the soil for eight thousand years

The body is shining. The pink aura is dropping. It looks like it’s just been polished.

But you know the round pearl you see in the picture, it is 3 thousand years old! Thousands of years ago, a pearl was born on the chest of a oyster.

Recently found in Abu Dhabi. Archaeologists discovered this ancient god from the bottom of a house while digging on the island of Marwah in Abu Dhabi. Many other ancient treasures have been discovered. Researchers have said that this is a new stone age. The stone pillars of the neo-stone age have been found around the pearl. Research shows that it dates back to 3-5 BC.

That is, in the new stone age, pearls were the medium of exchange. The people of present-day Iraq used to sell goods through the exchange of pearls. Now known to the world as the oil country, this pearl was once the holder of the economy of the United Arab Emirates, researchers said.

There was a lot of pearls for different jewelry as well. By the 5th year, the pearl industry became very popular in Japan. The monopoly of the pearls of the Arabian Empire collapsed in the industry. In turn, they became the country of pearls from the land of oil.

However, one of the researchers was surprised. How is the pearl that has been buried under the ground for eight thousand years is still so sparkling? They are trying to find out. They are also searching for whether pearls were of any importance in the society eight thousand years ago.

The exhibition will be held in Abu Dhabi on October 8 for a visit to the common man, the world’s oldest pearl.

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