How to make love

There is a difference between having sex and making love, that’s no big secret right? If you are not aware of the differences then, maybe, you haven’t experienced it for yourself or you’re just not sure.  It’s not just about satisfying or exploring the body. Love making gives sex depth, it encourages both partners to use minds, souls, and body to get to each other’s heart.

Lovemaking allows couples a different kind of communication (dirty talking still happens), it gives them the ability to be more open with each other, it involves loving words that come from the heart. Also, vulnerability during and after making love is at the highest point. Making love means that both you and your partner are fully present that whole time, there’s no room for wandering.


Foreplay is the best way to get your partner ready for what comes later and it’s an awesome way to build anticipation. Remember that love making starts before the sex part, so don’t discount the foreplay phase. Women, especially find this more pleasurable. Foreplay give your partner’s body time to prepare to have more pleasurable and less painful intercourse.

Right Tone

Romantic details are welcome too and can set the right mood, like some slow and sexy music, dim lights (maybe some candles) and girls… get yoursevels some sexy lingerie. Before anything happens, you need to feel comfortable (not just on the place is going to happen), you need to be sure (especially if this is your first time) that what’s about to happen is what you want. That being said, the ambiance should be appropriate or conducive to lovemaking.

Right Location

If you have a house with a fireplace and you’re in the middle of winter, you can throw a blanket in front of it, get some wine and you’ll have the perfect setting for a romantic and hot evening. Now, inside your home, you get to be creative in deciding which place is the most romantic to make love. It could be a better idea to create a romantic space in your home, it’s more personal, don’t you think? Or maybe you both prefer the outside, you can pick a starry night and throw a blanket and some pillows on the backyard and have a very special night enjoying each other.

Pick positions

Making love requires that you two learn to connect with each other. You should connect on as many levels as possible, emotionally, spiritually and of course, physically. To achieve intimacy your bodies need to be in contact as much as possible and it’s better if you’re face-to-face. Take it one step further and besides laying on top of each other or beside each other, holds hands interlocking your fingers and hug each other. that’s how you achieve intimacy.

Kiss each other

Kissing is a big part of making love, it’s a great way to communicate with each other. There’ are all kinds of kissing, and you can use them all while lovemaking. You can kiss with intensity and passion but also with tenderness. that’s the perfect combination.

Don’t be selfish

Making love is about connecting and feelings, it’s about trying to please your partner and in doing that you achieve pleasure too. Don’t be selfish and give all you have so your partner feels special and pampered and loved. 

Have fun

Making love should be emotional and profound and lovely, but it should be fun too, especially when you get to the sex part). That’s also part of the intimacy, you should be able to enjoy it and have some laughs together.

Tell each other how you feel and cuddle afterward

It could prove challenging, (especially for the guys), to tell you how you make him feel during sex, but it can make a big difference if he says something like “You make me so happy” while he’s rocking your world. You should express to him too, how he’s making you feel, what you like. This communication will help you connect more deeply.

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