How to take DSLR Picture on Mobile

The camera plays a vital role in all festivals. Because we try to capture this joyous moment. We now give more importance to the smartphone for taking pictures. Because not everyone can buy DSLRs. Again, budget phones click great pictures. Whether it’s a smartphone or a DSLR, there are always some special rules we need to follow to get the perfect picture. Let us know how you will be the perfect photographer at this festival.

  • If you want to take pictures of the lights, use a tripod or self-timer feature. Because the camera will not shake.
  • If you use the Night Mode feature when taking pictures, your picture will be pretty good.
  • Do not zoom too much to click an image. This results in poor image resolution and poor image quality.
  • You can manually reduce exposure for a more precise picture. It brings more beautiful pictures.
  • If you take group photos, you will get better pictures if everyone is standing in a circle.
  • If you need to take a picture of a larger area, use landscape mode.
  • Take special care of light when taking pictures of any lamp or light.
  • For candid shots or selfies, use portrait mode and background brokeh effects.
  • If you want to capture more scenes in a picture, use a wide angle lens.


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