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Many of us who are new, have created websites with WordPress and are working on your niche. Newcomers are often searching the Internet for tips on search engine optimization. Usually, many people blog about this topic. Today I wrote part of a series called Search Engine Optimization Getting Started. I have come up with some good search engine optimization tips for beginners. This will allow you to easily rank your website.

Google My Business: is a free public profile or listing that appears in Google search results. You might have searched on Google and found a sense of a brand. Create Google My Business to get your website on Google search engine.

If you want your website to be ranked easily, research about keywords. If you expect good results in a very short time, then look at the long-tail keywords.
Long-tail keywords: A long-tail keyword is in 3 to 5 words, such as – “how to roll sushi.”
Short-tail keywords: A short-tail keyword is between 3 and 2 words, for example – “sushi rolls.”

A visitor usually has 3 wishes when he or she searches on the Internet. Try to understand these 3 desires. For example
A) A visitor is looking for certain websites, such as Apple or Facebook
B) Does a visitor find some information, such as – how to make a robot?
C) A visitor wants to buy something, such as a buy robot.

Use the right tools to research keywords-Research the keywords you need to rank your website and use the right tools to do the research. Google Keyword Planner Free and get ideas. Buy paid tools if you can. Ahrefs is a paid tool. best tools Seomash : SEO Mash

Choose the core keywords-When you get started for your page / post optimization, you should definitely pick the core keywords. How to do, Suppose you have an information site. In which you wrote about rolling sushi. In this case you can choose the core keywords – “how to make a drone” because its search volume is high.

Optimize title tags-Your titles but also help increase your website visits. An attractive title should be such that visitors enter your page as soon as they are viewed. The title adheres to any of the 5 rules.
A) Information
B) Core keywords
C) Talk-solder-sweet

Meta descriptions-Enter informative meta descriptions on your pages. In meta descriptions, keep in mind that there are title tags, core keywords.

Use keywords in headings and paragraphs-Many of us do not use keywords in the headings and paragraphs correctly. For SEO but it is very much needed. Of course there are 2 places you should use your core keywords.
In case of headings – H1, H2s, H3s

Enter a larger post– Minimum word for a post must be 500 to 1000. However, the larger the content, the longer the reading time. The higher the reading time the higher the ranking. So a post should be at least 500 words long.

Hopefully this post will be of great benefit to newcomers. Our next post will be shared tomorrow. If you think this post will be good for your friends, be sure to share.

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