Kill the fish when it is seen-Fogfires

US marine scientists have discovered fish that survive on the shore. It has been suggested to kill the fish when it is described as ‘dangerous’.

The Washington Post reports that fish look like snakes. Hence the name ‘snakehead fish’. The fish was caught once in Silverwood Lake in San Bernadino, California. At that time the fish was thought to be from East Asia. Scientists are now surprised to find it in Georgia.

In 2012, snakehead fish were caught and sold as illegal. Scientists at the Maryland Department of Conservation recently discovered that its respiratory system is designed to breathe like humans through the air. As a result, even if raised from water, there is no problem in life.

However, the sudden change of environment made things a bit dull. Other aquatic animals, small fish and even small rats are on its diet. And that’s why it’s a danger to other aquatic organisms.

At three feet tall, the fish weighs about 5 pounds. There are also sharp teeth. With which the victim has no problem.

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