Cargo terminal is being constructed at Benapole at a cost of Tk 20 crore

Mohsin Milan, Benapole Correspondent – Cargo Vehicle Terminal is being constructed at Benapole, the largest land port in the country at a cost of Tk 200 crore. The government is taking steps to accelerate revenue collection and build a cargo vehicle terminal to expand trade with neighboring countries. For this purpose, the Ministry of Transport has taken a project called construction of cargo vehicle terminal at Benapole land port. It has been estimated to cost Tk 200 million.

Several officials of the Planning Commission said the project evaluation committee (PEC) meeting was held on January 20 this year after receiving the proposal for the project. The DPPT has now been approved at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC). The Bangladesh Land Port Authority will implement the project from this year to June 2020.

Benapole land port was established in the year 42 after independence. Starting with 3 tinshades. Today, this port has become the largest land port in the country. The port has already received international recognition.

The Benapole land port is one of the most important for conducting import and export trade activities with India on land. About 7 percent of the country’s raw materials and garment industries are imported through this port. With this port every year, India is traded with Tk 8 billion. Every year, the government generates revenue of Tk. 5,000 crore from the government alone. The Benapole Land Port Authority is headed by Bangladesh Land Port Authority on February 7, 2012.

To maintain good relations between the two countries, including the development of port-export trade ports, the World Bank, the Asia Development Bank (ADB), the US ambassador to Bangladesh, the Indian High Commissioner, Bhutan’s finance secretary, then shipping minister, finance minister, trade minister, national revenue board. Chairman, Bangladesh Land Port Authority and various level secretaries including Benapole Stamasa have visited several times and the port.

Every day about 400 to five hundred Indian cargo trucks are imported through Benapole port and 4 trucks of goods are exported to India. From the port, 5 ‘truckloads of cargo are unloaded. Construction of the terminal will allow the parking of around 1,200 vehicles. Under the project, the acquisition of 27.75 acres of land, development of 2 lakh 3 thousand 5 cubic meters of land, construction of 2,500 square meters of boundary wall, construction of 1,000 square meters of internal roads, parking yards of one lakh 1 thousand square meters, construction of buildings of one thousand 3 hundred square meters. , Two main gates, two guest houses and security systems, four watch towers and 1,500 square meters of drain.

Benapole C&F Agents Association President Mofizur Rahman Sajan said that Benapole is the largest land port in the country. The role of the port of Benapole is very important in the economy of the country. In this way, the Government of India and Bangladesh are sincere to make trade more dynamic. Already, several steps have been taken in its continuation. India-Bangladesh-Nepal-Bhutan four-country trade agreement has also been implemented. But, due to infrastructure problems in importing through Benapole port, traders are not getting the required benefits. If the government develops the necessary infrastructure, it is possible to earn twice as much revenue as it currently receives.

Benapole Port Authority Deputy Director (Traffic) Mamun Kabir Tarafadar said the project was approved at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC). As a result, the pace of import and export trade between the two countries will increase.

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