Divorce occurs when wife income is higher than husband: Research


If the wife is more or equal to her husband than her husband, she suffers from mental illness. That’s what a group of researchers at the University of Bath say, researching over 4,000 couples who have passed through six years of their lives.

The research says that many good news in the life of the family brings unhappiness to the husband and wife. Especially if the wife earns more, it is painful for her husband.

Studies show that wives who are dependent on their husbands’ income are better mentally. Husbands who earn less than their wives suffer from mental distress. Not only that, the husband is suffering from mental distress even though the total cost of the family is equal. However, the husband feels good if his wife’s income is 3 percent and his income is 3 percent
Studies have also shown that if the wife’s income is higher than her husband, the price of the family is also declining. This bargain goes on and on, at one point, they break up and go on a divorce.

The study was led by an economist at the University of Bath School of Management. Joanna Sirida. She said that low-income husbands find themselves worthless and socially vulnerable in the world. For these reasons they always suffer from instability and frustration. Which affects his overall health ie high blood pressure, heart problems, insomnia – above all, he suffers from mental and social problems.

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