Friday’s movement in the United States

Although the climate of the Friday movement in the United States, called the ‘Friedes for Future’, is very small, its activists want to spread the message of climate change to the people.

Greta Nirenberg, a 3-year-old from Sweden, started the climate movement on August 27th. While many in the United States are unaware of this, students from different countries of the world are participating in the movement

A small group of teenagers sat on a fountain footpath next to the Washington Monument on a rainy Friday in Washington DC. At that time Madeline Graham, 6, was making her movements Police told them to leave But Graham tells the police that there are like five protesters around him and they are staying in the right place.

“If we get more than 20 people, we need to get permission, and we don’t have that population,” Graham said. We need to be divided into two small groups

Graham’s family also believes that the climate of adolescents can change the United States.

One of Friday’s protests was the Amazon Fire in Brazil Carolina Shaffer, who came to the United States from Brazil a year ago, also participated in the movement. He had a poster in his hand saying, ‘Help us stop those who burn the forest’

Alexandria Vilencer participated in a New York City climate strike for several hours. He traveled to California on November 27 to experience the Paradise fires. “The smoke was so bad that I had to move back to New York very quickly Then I learned about the relationship between fire and climate change, and it made me angry. “

Wilsner, who went on the first climate strike on December 25, has not yet withdrawn from the movement. He organized protesters in New York during a global climate strike on May 27 He also works in coordination with those who are campaigning for climate in other countries besides the US He also runs a company called ‘Earth Uprising’. His comment on his work, “If I can get enough food and sleep for five hours, I can do a lot.”

Jerome Foster, a 5-year-old high school student in Washington DC, says he has seen more young people get involved in the action since he became interested in the climate issue two years ago. But he thinks the participation rate of the people is not enough

Many students who participate in the movement feel that this climate of adolescence is not as big as the United States in Europe. Because climate change is not so acceptable to the United States That’s why we need to try to convince people more and more about the real news of climate change, so they are determined.

Students are preparing to host a ‘Global Climate Strike’ program in Washington DC next September. World leaders will host the event on Friday, before arriving in New York to attend the September 20 climate conference.

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