Although the term is small, it is the responsibility of the person employed in this profession. They are always delivering important news to us from abroad. Which is essential for survival in the present. But now more than a journalist is involved in the tragic people of this name. The previous news was informative and useful. And the current news is shocking and irrelevant. Their main goal is to attract people with all the bizarre titles. There is no news for the right news campaign.

    And we are responsible for this, either directly or indirectly. We are extending the post Rich. Commenting on the journalist’s body, so that the people in my friends list can see these posts and thus gradually reaching all the unnecessary news. And the good news is not being published in this crowd or journalists have become reluctant to publish the good news.
    We should avoid them. I am a very ordinary man myself. What I need to think about is to avoid thinking too much. We think they are there to say this, head of society! But are they doing their duty? So, in my opinion, to work from wherever possible without waiting for others.

    Who can say that maybe the beautiful society of the day starts, our country can be proud.


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    Mohammad Tarif Hossain Raju

    Education City Golf Club
    Locker Room Attendant · September 28, 2018 to present · Doha

    Flipcart Bangladesh Ltd
    Staff – Writer

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