The coronavirus vaccine is being made with tobacco

A new coronavirus vaccine is being developed from tobacco plant ingredients. Scientists say a clinical trial of the vaccine will begin in humans early next month.

The Kentucky bioprocessing tobacco plant, a subsidiary of the British American Tobacco Company, is developing the vaccine against the SARS-Cove-2 virus.

According to the company, this method makes the vaccine faster than other technologies.

Explaining the benefits of the vaccine, the British American Tobacco Authority said, ‘It is potentially safe to give. Because tobacco plants cannot host human infectious diseases. This is a faster method of making vaccines. The ingredients of the vaccine mix more quickly in the ingredients of the tobacco plant. ‘

The company claims that using conventional methods, where vaccines take months to make, can be made from tobacco plants in 6 weeks. And the process of making this vaccine can be stored at room temperature, while most of the conventional vaccines need to be frozen. The new method has the potential to provide an effective immune response with a single dose of the vaccine.

According to British American Tobacco, pre-clinical trials of the vaccine have been going on since last April and preliminary results have been positive.

“We have already completed pre-clinical trials,” the scientists said. And happy to report it as a potential vaccine, the test showed a positive immune response. As such, we are now ready to take the vaccine to the next level. We are awaiting approval to begin clinical trials on humans for the first time. “

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