Trump is leaving Paris deal

The Trump administration has officially begun the process of abandoning the Paris climate agreement But if he loses the election, that decision may change The Washington announcement is causing international frustration Donald Trump is not convinced by the fact that people have a hand in climate change. Since coming to power as US president, Trump has been withdrawing from all emissions reduction initiatives. He vowed to bring the United States back from the Paris climate agreement This process has officially begun As a result, the United States is about to abandon the Paris Agreement as the only country in the world after one year The United States will then be able to use fossil fuels seamlessly as the largest carbon emitting country. The US Department of State has sent a letter to the UN Secretary General’s Office.

The Trump administration’s rationale behind such a decision is the “America First” policy Washington wants to allow the country’s industrial sector to emit carbon freely in a ‘free’ environment without engaging in red tape. Trump also complains that countries like China are enjoying additional benefits under the Paris Agreement. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also addressed the decision of his government in a tweet According to him, carbon emissions have decreased substantially despite increasing US energy production in recent years.

The French president’s office expressed frustration over the Trump administration’s formal decision French President Emanuel Macron is embarking on a state visit to China France believes the importance of cooperation in climate and biodiversity will increase as it talks with President Xi Jinping of the country. On Wednesday, the two countries will sign an agreement on the ‘reversibility’ of the Paris climate agreement.

Although the Trump administration has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, a significant portion of the United States as a nation still wants to comply. Multiple state and city administrations are committed to taking initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, if the Democratic Party’s candidate wins in the 2012 presidential election, the United States can go back under the Paris Agreement. All potential candidates of the party made that promise That is, a change in the power center that the Obama administration signed in May 21 could be effective again.

The new situation arising out of the formal departure of the United States from the Paris Agreement will be discussed internationally in early December. Instead of Chile, Spain has taken over the conference The country’s environment minister, Teresa Ribera, wrote in a tweet that, although not unexpected, the decision was certainly detrimental to the Paris Agreement.

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