Wonderful picture of the sun! 2020

For the first time in history, scientists have been able to take detailed pictures of the surface of the sun! On the surface of this hot star, a huge plasma of the same size as Texas is moving from one place to another, as seen in the picture.

Daniel K. of Hawaii. This image captured by the Innova Solar Telescope opened up new avenues for research on the sun. This image will allow astronomers to learn more about the surface of the sun. In addition, this information can play a huge role in the world’s technology. This information will affect power grid, satellite communication. Scientists hope that solar telescopes and sun-observing satellites will help us become more technically accurate.

The newly discovered image shows that the surface of the sun is actually a separate piece, each about the size of Texas in the United States. The intense heat inside the sun comes out through these fragments.

Frances Cordova, director of The Innova Solar Telescope, said the image would allow them to map the sun’s magnetic field, from which the sun’s huge spark of fire emanates, which also affects the earth. Scientists also hope that this telescope will give a clear idea about the storms of the sun and the weather in space.

Scientists have not been able to predict when it will rain in any country in the world, but so far they have not been able to predict where the weather will be in space. This special telescope will work towards that goal by researching the surface of the sun. In this way, in case of adverse weather in space in the future, this telescope will be able to inform people 48 minutes to 48 hours in advance. This will make it easier to protect the power grid, important installations and satellites. Over the next six months, scientists and researchers involved with the Innova Telescope will continue their detailed research.

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