Birds that became extinct a million years ago come back to earth!

Birds protect the balance of our environment. Moreover, the chirping of the birds echoes the environment. There are many known or unknown birds in the world. Among them there are many known birds, while there are some unnamed. However, many of our familiar birds are becoming extinct day by day. So is a bird Eldebra White Throat Rail. Surprising to know, the extinct Elbera white-throated rail bird, which became extinct almost a million years ago, has returned to nature. The reason for the extinction of this bird species is believed to be the rising sea level.

Now again, the presence of this flying bird has left scientists wondering. Why and how did this bird come back so many years later? According to research in the Zoological Journal of the Linnaean Society, this return is the result of the “repetitive evolution” of the Elbera bird. As a result of this evolution, the old genes that were supposed to be dead are regenerated at a new time. Even if the ancestor of a bird becomes extinct, the DNA of that extinct ancestor remains in the next species. With the right environment, that old DNA can come back in a new way. Therefore, it is possible to have multiple and somewhat evolved new successors from almost the same species over time.

This does not mean, however, that the evolution of dinosaurs and hairy mammoths will return at any time. This scientific phenomenon only occurs in species that look almost like their ancestors. This is the first time that other species, such as turtles, have been observed before repeated evolution. Only the Eldebra bird has the oldest fossil record of an ocean island in the Indian Ocean region, which provides evidence of the effect of sea level changes on the extinction and return of this bird.

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