Dozens of planets have advanced life!

We are not alone in this infinite universe. The Milky Way galaxy has at least a dozen of our neighbors. Just the way we are without a little. This has been found in the recent research of scientists. The pride of being the only intelligent creature can no longer be done by the people of the world. Scientists have found at least a dozen planets where human-like or even more advanced and intelligent creatures are likely to live.

The search for life on another planet is long overdue. Imagination is even older than that. Man’s imagination about extraterrestrial life is forever unbridled. Many people still look at space and occasionally see flying mills, or unprecedented lines of light. But no specific study to date has been able to say ‘yes’. Scientists have not been able to confirm that there is life on any planet other than Earth. But researchers at the University of Nottingham are telling us that there are at least 30 planets in our galaxy with intelligent creatures. The distance between them and the earth is a little more. Neighbors are scattered at an average distance of 18,000 light-years.

But what do researchers at the University of Nottingham say now that they have so far confirmed what scientists have not been able to say? The answer is given by the scientists. Scientists have changed the way life was searched for on the planet for so long. Their initial assumption is that intelligent life will develop on other planets in the same way that advanced life has evolved on Earth if the planet’s environment is similar to Earth’s. That is, the planet must orbit the same distance as the Earth, centering on a star like the Sun in terms of character. Scientists have found at least 30 such planets in our galaxy. Researchers have estimated that these planets, like Earth, took 500 billion years to evolve.

The question is, who is being called an advanced or intelligent being. Scientists say that those who are able to send radio waves into space are considered to be intelligent creatures. But at the same time, they are acknowledging that the distance of 16,000 light-years is a little too far to know the answer by sending radio waves. There is still no such technology in the possession of intelligent creatures on this planet.

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