He slept for 4 hours, never wore socks

Albert Einstein Born March 5, 8 in Ulma, Germany. The father was Harman Einstein and mother Pauline. After finishing school, Albert began studying at Polytechnic University in Zurich.

That year was one of the most wonderful years of Einstein’s life. This year his three papers were published. The first paper laid the foundation for special relativism. The second paper identifies the existence of molecules from Brownian motion. And in the third paper is the application of quantum quantum of light, the source of which is Einstein’s Nobel Prize.

This was a strange nature of the scientist, which was not at all natural to many. Many scientists could not imagine that a scientist like him could do this. According to many, these behaviors only intensified Einstein’s brain.

He slept for at least 8 hours every day. Where the average sleep time is 3-5 hours. It was during this sleep that many scientists had solved difficult problems. For example, scientist Watson understood the structure of DNA or Einstein’s theory of relativism.

While working in Princeton, Einstein Rose walked about two and a half miles to the workplace. Because Einstein thought it increased memory.

Albert Einstein

Einstein loved playing the violin. Brain and eyes are aligned with the brain. He often plays violin for hours after hours. He used to say that classical music helps keep the mind stress free by lowering cortisol hormone levels.

He loved to eat spaghetti. Not just the spaghetti you eat for good. Brain needs 20 percent of its energy throughout the body. And according to Einstein, spaghetti carbohydrates are a very good source of energy for the brain.

One of Einstein’s habits was smoking. He always had pipes in his mouth and a coil of smoke surrounded him all the time.

It is known that Einstein became a vegetarian in his later life. He wrote in a letter to friend Max Carriel in 6, “Whenever I ate animal flesh, there was a guilt feeling inside.”

Einstein never wore socks. From a young age, this habit was created. He believed that what was comfortable should be worn. The socks weren’t exactly like that to him.

Einstein never learned to swim. Toward this end, he wished to remain in the water for hours. As a result, the boat did that.

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