Moving the earth in a new orbit? Fogfires

It’s not uncommon for those who watched the movie The Wandering Earth, which was recently released on Netflix, to ask the same question. The movie shows that the Thruster is used to protect the Earth from the rising sun and colliding with Jupiter. The task of these non-stop thrusters is to remove the earth a little from its orbit or to simply create new orbits. It’s a lot like a rocket launch. The only difference is that the rocket can move from planet to gravity due to the weight of the rocket being much smaller than the Earth.

So, let’s get back to the original question. As unusual as the question is, so too is the urgency for civilization. Because the next few billion years, the sun, the center of our solar system, will begin to lose all its energy. At the same time it will start to expand slowly. Now, as the sun is the source of all our energy, scientists think the next five billion years will be very difficult for us. And if the sun were to expand, it would no doubt swallow the earth at some point.

Helium is constantly being formed from hydrogen in the sun, as well as excess energy. The sun is said to be a nuclear power plant with enormous potential. So, as it is a source of energy, its risk is not less. The intense warmth felt over the past few years is proof of this. There is also a greenhouse effect. The result is that global warming continues to increase with these two. So if the world can somehow be moved away from its orbit, it might be good. But the question is it, can it really be done? Although theoretically it is not impossible to move the earth from its orbit to the new orbit.

For years, asteroids that have been located around the Earth have been able to be removed with the help of technology. If they were to rotate in their orbit, then at some point the conflict with the earth would be very real. But changing the position of these asteroids has made it possible to save the Earth from the impending collision. These technologies include accelerating nuclear explosion or collision with a fast-spaced spacecraft. Also, sometimes spacecraft are placed on the surface of these asteroids and they are uninterruptedly driven against gravity.

But the problem is, these asteroids are much smaller than Earth. Therefore, these technologies may not be very helpful in moving the world out of its orbit. Or even if there is a need for technology.

Now let’s see how it is possible to move our world from its orbit to the new orbit. There are many ways to remove the earth from its orbit by the theory of pure science. For example, by forming a massive teleporter and dividing the earth, the particles can be removed and reassembled in the other position, half of the earth can be twisted with silver so that the sun can move through the reflection of the light, since the light is velocity or huge to the center of the earth. Earth can also be removed by digging holes and igniting the inside fuel.

Although these approaches are theoretically accurate, it is worthwhile to see how acceptable they are. But once fiction has become science today. Who can say that today’s theories that will never be seen in real time! Because we have very few ways to sustain the world. Something must be done to protect the world.

Electric thruster
Every time a rocket or spacecraft travels from Earth to space, their flight causes little vibration. Due to this vibration, the earth shifts in the opposite direction of flying. A lot of shooting is like getting behind a gun. But the effect of this vibration on the earth is extremely negligible. Currently, Falcon Heavy is the most used spacecraft of SpaceX. Such heavy vehicles may need about 3 billion to move the earth. Their combined mass will be 5% of the Earth’s mass, which will be able to move the Earth 3% toward Mars.

Electric Thruster can be more effective in this case. An electric thruster is a device that fires in the flow of ionized particles. As a result, they create momentum and help them move forward. By operating these thrusters on the surface of the earth, it may be possible to dislodge our earth and put it in new orbit.

With the help of high energy light
Light does not have any mass, but there is a speed of light. It is possible to move the earth without using this momentum of light. But this will require high-powered light, which will continue to emerge as a continuous focus beam. For example, say the laser ray. And the focus for this focus will be on the sun itself. Although this idea is theoretically true, scientists believe that implementing this plan is not possible at this time. Only time and science can tell if that will ever be possible.

Intergalactic Billiard
This method is very acceptable in exchange of momentum between two objects rotating in orbit and changing their velocity. This momentum can be exchanged mainly by making passages between objects or by gravitational slingshot. This method is commonly used on spacecraft in orbit. It’s a lot like playing billiards. Every planet here has a billiard ball.

Several NASA engineers and several American astronomers have expressed their views on the intergalactic billiard system. According to them, the way asteroids are mounted on their surface to avoid collision with the Earth, if the asteroids can be driven along the Earth, their attraction will gain some earth of energy. This will increase the speed of the earth slightly. And increasing the speed means that it will move away from its orbit. That is, the centrifugal force will work.

However, as stated earlier, these are still the results of theoretical studies and calculations by scientists and researchers. The challenge for scientists is to implement these possibilities. Because in the near future, the earth will be destroyed by the sun, as well as everything in the earth will be destroyed. But the game is dangerous with these possibilities. Because by using asteroids to orbit the earth, it may be possible that it will collide with the Earth. Only time can tell what is the probability of implementing these possibilities.

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