Sea of ​​mysterious milk

‘Scientists know less about the ocean than the scientists know about space’ – NASA’s scientists comment on how mysterious the ocean is. The blue canyons we enjoy standing on the sandy beaches have been sinking into the complex mystery of scientists for hundreds of thousands of years. The Milky Sea is such a small mysterious part of the Indian Ocean.

This sea is located on the southern coast of Somalia. This sea water is very different from other sea water, with a space of 255 square kilometers. Particularly at night, the water of the milky head holds an inert color. Due to the color of the water, the name of the sea has been associated with the name of milky, white like milk in the evolution of time.

According to history, the Milky Sea first came to the notice of the people in the 5th. Capt. Raphael Simes was sailing the ship on a ship called CSS Alabama. This strange color of sea water is visible from the ship’s cabin! In the words of Sailor Raphael, suddenly the light from the blue water was shining. It looks like I’m going through a snowy field.

When the Milky Sea ice field was near Rafael, the other crew was in a state of disrepair! Because the sea from ancient times to the eighteenth century was absolutely mysterious to sailors. They believed in various gods and goddesses as regulators of the sea. As a result, the Milky Sea seemed to them a very scary and ominous place.

But with the change of days, the sea is now more exposed to sailors than ever before. For the sake of science, the mystery of the Milky Sea has been somewhat uncovered. Scientists have found evidence that this enlightened state of water is occurring in the bacterium of a range of bacteria. In science terminology, this class of bacteria is called bioluminescence. This bioluminescence trillions of trillions exist from the Milky Sea to the ground floor. And billions of bioluminescence is spreading light in this part of the ocean, making the water color white like milk.

But the question is how bioluminescence is formed? Why is there so much bioluminescence in this part of the ocean? Scientists are still searching for answers to these questions. Professor Steven of the University of Colorado is one such research scientist. He has been researching Milky Sis since 9

“We have not yet been able to penetrate the mystery of the Milky Sir,” he said. Although the cause of Milky Cir water is illuminated, it is unknown why so much bioluminescence is formed in this part.

Finally, the depth of the mystery is far greater than the depth of the sea. The mystery has begun to open for the welfare of science. That day may not be too far away when the mystery of the Milky Sea mystery opens.

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