The secrets of the Corona virus are still unknown to you

Corona Virus The Coroner Virus or Covid-1 is the most deadly virus found in the present world.

Although it is now more common than cancer, almost all diseases of the disease have been discovered in the world, but until now the corona virus has not been discovered. If you pay attention, you will see that every one hundred years in our world, one of the epidemic diseases infects our world.

Plague disease in 1720.
Colera in 1820.
Spanish Flow 1920
Noble Corona Virus in 2020
And how this corona virus came to our world is a mystery. Because many of us, in the 5th year, a writer by the name of Kunz has written in a book about such a virus. And he said in the book that a virus would be attacked in 2021. That will rarely attack the human body. And the virus he was talking about that goes along with the Corona virus. And a health alert issued from the John Hobs King’s Center for Forensics in the United States’ renowned health research field. And they prophesied that a new virus could kill millions of people.

And just six months after he made the announcement, the virus attacked the city of Wang in Huawei, China.This virus is very sensitive to your cough and can spread the virus even with the touch of your hand. You can get infected with the disease even through contact with a sick person.

The virus spreads directly through the lungs, so it can spread from one to another through your anesthetic administration.

It is believed that the virus was first discovered from the city of Wang. In the market where a variety of forbidden wild animals are sold for sale. According to some ideas, the virus was created by humans.

Up to earth

However, the point here is that the disease is not so terrible that the patient will die if he is infected. And until now, most of the people who have died from this disease in the world have been exposed to some other disease.

But once you recover from the disease, you are not likely to suffer from the disease a second time.

The main goal of this regimen is to take pains, you will have stress and coughs, headaches, as well as cold coughs, your kidneys can become impaired, severe throat pain, diarrhea and vomiting when the immune system is low. .

At this point in time, your voice may break down after you become infected. There can be severe pain anywhere in the shark, which can also lead to joint pain. With this, your temperature in Sharil will rise to 3 degrees Celsius. When the goal is called, you will be able to understand it when you are 3-5.
If you are of age, you will experience fever and cough headache.

However, the rumor of this virus has caused many kinds of human rumors. In fact, the Corona virus is not so deadly.

The precautions you need to take to protect yourself from the Corona virus are:
 When you go out of the room you have to use a mask.
Mass transit should be avoided, especially local buses.
Drink plenty of fruit juice and water.
Back home, you should wash your hands for 20 seconds.
If you purge less than 20 seconds, the virus can stay in your hands. Because the upper part of the virus is covered with fat, you will have to cleanse it for a long time so that the fat from the virus will die.
Before eating or cooking something must be thoroughly cleaned.
Dirt cloth should be cleaned repeatedly.
Regular place of residence should be repeatedly cleansed at work place.
The door to the room cannot be left open to other people.

Another thing that spreads the disease from pets in the house is the rumor that it is totally baseless and that these animals have to pay the tax. And this pet dog cat has no definite explanation for it.

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