The software will identify sexual harassment

NexLP, a Chicago-based AI firm, is developing software to detect bullying and sexual harassment online using Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence technology.

The software uses mathematical terminology to detect whether there is anything bullying or sexually explicit by examining computer documents, emails or chats. Different indicators will scrutinize the information and look for any problems. If the software finds anything suspicious, it will signal the danger and send it to a lawyer or company’s human resources manager for investigation. But exactly what kind of indicator will signal red flags as a danger signal, nexlp has been secret.

More than 5 corporate firms around the world, including London law firms, use different software For those who are familiar with the neXLP’s artificial intelligence, that software could be a test field Because every three women lawyers in London suffer from sexual harassment.

“I think it’s just pornography,” said Jay Lieb, CEO of NEXLP. But that is not the case, it can happen in many different ways. Maybe sent 5 messages … or maybe pornographic pictures. The software will take into consideration the exceptional words in the conversation, the number of times a week has been online or how often.

Harvard and MIT lecturer Brian Subirana found the plan to apply artificial intelligence to eliminate bullying and sexual harassment online. But the three also said that there are many limitations to the software’s capabilities. This is because sometimes hangers are so subtle that its evidence becomes extremely difficult to find. At Harvard, we are trained to understand that type of stench and need to have some kind of thought. Artificial intelligence is not yet able to understand them.

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