This innocent animal eats the blood of about 25 cows a year with human blood!

This animal sleeps in a dark place all day and at night it catches prey and sucks its blood. The only difference is that these vampires do not look like humans, they look like bats. This animal is known as vampire bat or vampire bat. Basically three species of bats are commonly called vampire bats. The reason for this nomenclature is that they are the only mammals that drink only the warm blood of living creatures as food. There are very few similarities between these three species of bats and other bats. The idea is that these carnivores evolved only once and that they all came from a common ancestor.

Equivalent to a cup of tea, this vampire bat is a member of the leaf-nose bat family. They are found only in North and South American countries. The bat’s nose is flat, with a ‘U’ shape. The nose has a special heat-sensing organ that can detect where blood is flowing near the victim’s skin. Also, an infrared receptor has been found in their brain, which resides in the same place as the sensory organs of snakes and can sense the position of prey in the dark.

Vampire bats usually eat the blood of sleeping animals. They first make a hole in the victim’s skin with sharp teeth. When he starts bleeding from that leak, he licks and eats with his tongue. While eating blood, a kind of saliva is secreted from the mouth of the bat, so that the blood continues to come out without clotting. The vampire bat can eat blood continuously for about thirty minutes but does not notice the prey at all.

Although the amount of blood that bats eat does not harm the prey, bats can cause infections or other diseases. A colony of 100 bats consumes the blood of about 25 cows a year. They usually eat the blood of cows, goats, horses, pigs etc. However, when given the opportunity to eat human blood. Baby bats grow on mother’s milk, not blood.

They have a strong immune system against endogenous retroviruses, a type of blood-borne virus. The virus injects a copy of their genetic material into the host’s genome. Vampire bats do not allow this virus to affect their bodies.

Being the only flying mammal, other bat species have forgotten to walk on the ground, whereas vampire bats can walk, jump and even run very well on the ground. This is why they are more dependent on the front wings than the hind legs. Basically these wings give them the strength to walk and fly.

According to the IUCN Red List, bloodthirsty bats are safe animals. However, due to their blood-eating nature, many superstitions are prevalent in many places. In fact, the vampire bat is as innocent as any other bat. They do no harm to anyone except for the need for food.

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