Your success depends on your spouse

It is said that every successful man has a female contribution. Likewise, it can be said that every successful woman has a male contribution.

The word ‘everyone’ here may be exaggerating, because it is not possible to generalize anything in the world. There is something straightforward to overcome. So if we do not withdraw the word ‘every’ from the opening statement, it must be emphasized that the success of most men or women lies in the hands of a man of the opposite sex. And the man of the opposite sex is his partner, that is, his wife or husband.

Don’t think I’m making such a statement from a very personal point of view. This has long been socially accepted, and now it is scientifically proven. A group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have proven that the chances of success in one’s life are increased only when they receive a supportive partner.

Before reaching this conclusion, researchers conducted their research on four married couples. In the beginning, they give each couple a chance to choose between the two – an easy puzzle answer, or a fight for a big gift. Everyone also has the opportunity to discuss their choices with their peers, and researchers also observe the importance of their interaction.

In the end, the researchers found that those whose partners were more supportive and encouraging took the risk of winning big prizes through a tough fight. And those whose companions are less supportive and encouraging, have been more than happy with the simple puzzle.

The study did not end here. Six months later, the researchers called the couple back. They then find out that couples who took the risk of a difficult competition through mutual discussion are better than couples with simple puzzles. Besides, they are mentally healthy and happy, and their personality is much stronger and stronger.

In this regard, Brooke Finney, the lead author of the research paper and professor of psychology at Dietry College of Humanities and Social Sciences at CMU, said:

“The idea that we get from the study is that at the center of such specific decision making – like choosing a new job or making new friends – what people like between the two, it has a huge impact on their long-term well-being and well-being.

“Spouse may be the one to help you make the most of the opportunity that comes your way in life. It can also destroy your prospects, suggesting that you cannot exploit the opportunity properly.”

Simply put, this study says that a great deal of success in a person’s life depends largely on the opinion of his partner. Encouragement and encouragement from a spouse can bring a person closer to success. Again, unless a spouse receives the desired encouragement, it becomes very difficult for a person to accept, or succeed at, an opportunity.

For example, you have a great opportunity in your career. There is a great deal of risk involved with the opportunity, but if you take advantage of the opportunity, your career path will go a long way. Now you will naturally fall in love with the opportunity. And discuss the matter with your spouse.

If your partner encourages you, feels positive about your abilities, and assists you in reaching out to anyone in need, you can begin to feel comfortable. When the closest person in your life puts complete trust in you, your confidence in yourself will also increase manifold. You will continue to do so without fear. Even if you lose a couple of times, your partner will regain your strength. And that will ensure your success too (there may be some exceptions, of course).

But if your partner is skeptical of your abilities and discourages you from doing the work, that will be the biggest obstacle for you. You may not do the job without your partner’s approval. As a result, in the beginning, all your chances will be dusted.

Many successful individuals have sincerely acknowledged that the emotional support from their spouse is vital to success. First we can mention the former US President Barack Obama, who credits his wife Michelle Obama for his political success.

“Of course I couldn’t do anything I did, unless Michelle was with me. How could I stay in nature, maintain a mental balance, and cope with all the stress? All of this was possible because of this woman. She was just an amazing First Lady. No, he is also a symbol of my greatest dependence. I rely on him on numerous things every day. “

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also credited his success with wife Priscilla Chan. most important person in my life, she said in an inaugural speech at Harvard University in the 21st. “Or you could say that my biggest achievement during my time here (at Harvard) was actually building relationships with her.”

It’s not just women who have helped their famous husband succeed. The opposite paradigm is also abundant. For example, Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé credits her husband to J-G.

“I couldn’t be the woman I am today, unless I had a house with that man. That (relationship with her) has formed the biggest foundation of my life.”

So one thing is clear that the success of a marital relationship, and the life of two people bound to it, depends a lot on their mentality. If a woman or man is respectful of her partner’s abilities, and in any case gives her encouragement and motivation, the relationship will become happier and more comfortable, as will her partner.

But some may say that many may be respectful of their partner’s abilities, but they may not encourage their partner to take a big risk because they are frustrated. So is it reasonable to blame them?

In this case we can recall the story of the stone and the water. If you pour water over the stone, apparently the stone will not change. But if you continue to pour water over the stone for a long period of time, the stone change will be visible once in a while.

The relationship between two people is very similar. One of the couples may be an anarchist. But if the other person is optimistic, and the intensity of his optimism is high, then the pessimist will continue to be optimistic about staying in touch with him. Again, if the pessimist is more likely to be depressed than the optimist, then the optimist will at once become a pessimist. So if a companion is pessimistic, it is not a matter of accepting his pessimism, but the power of his own optimism will transform him from a pessimist to an optimist. On the contrary, if the partner expresses a negative mindset, you will have to express a much more positive attitude.

The point is that marriage is one of the biggest bonds in human life. By marriage, two people become the closest person to each other’s lives. Not only do they live under one roof, they gradually become one person next to each other. Before marriage, the two personalities were completely opposite. But after marriage, the two are less or less affected by each other, and through it new features are born. It is these new features that determine the pace and nature of their next life course.

So if someone thinks you will still be after marriage, as you are now, that is a bad idea. Marriage will have a profound effect on your life. So before marrying someone you need to think about how much you have in common with them, and whether or not you can start the same dream journey together. And considering these things, one should be committed.

And for those who are already married, it is the duty of the spouse to change his outlook on positivity rather than on the negative things. Instead, instead of forcing one’s own negativity onto your partner, you need to acknowledge his or her positives, and try to become possessive of them.

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