Mongla and Payra number 3 are the major signal | Fogfires

The impact of the strong cyclone bulb has been said to show the number 3 magnitude signal at Mongla and Pigeon seaports. Besides, Chittagong-3 and Cox’s Bazar-1 have been asked to show signals. The weatherman said at around 9am on Saturday. Ruhul Kuddus reported this. “At 6am on Saturday morning, a magnificent cyclone was saidRead More

Cyclone ‘Bulbul’ can hit where and when? Fogfires

The ‘bulb’ is being accelerated by increasing the power of the terrifying cyclone. It can be trapped at any time between Saturday night and Sunday morning in the Sundarbans sub-island region of Bangladesh-West Bengal border. With every moment of energy, Bulbul is moving towards the Sundarbans coast. According to current trends, the cyclone is expectedRead More