Apple is bringing wonderful glasses of mysterious technology

The wonder of science is constantly making people think. Many surprising technologies are now in people’s homes. Many things used in our daily lives have added a new dimension to the touch of technology. Technology giant Apple has dominated the global smart watch market. This time the US company is going to bring smart glasses like Google Glass to the world market.

In fact, there will be more surprises and mysteries in the glasses than in the case of smartphones and computers. According to long-term research, this super digital device may be released at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2021 or in 2022.

Before the device came on the market, there are various interesting information about it. Many people are reporting various information about Apple’s glasses, it is said that these have been leaked. It is claimed that various features, which will be added to Apple’s smart glasses. A YouTube channel called Front Page Tech has leaked some exclusive information about its design, many mysterious features, naming, price and market arrival date.
Information provided by YouTuber and reports from various portals say that technology giant Apple’s glasses will have an AR sensor like the iPad Pro for virtual reality and a projector for viewing content behind the glasses. Data processing will be on iPhone, wireless charging and Starboard UI.

It is also said that these glasses will have cameras, microphones, headsets and even a lot of relatively powerful sensors. This device from Apple will be able to collect data from being connected to the iPhone. So that Google Glass will have many benefits including internet browsing, audio-video calling, photography, video making, map viewing, face and location recognition. Prices start at $ 499.

Note that Apple Smart Glass will surpass Google Glass, which is being discussed as the most mysterious product in the world of technology. Which will change the concept of the smartphone of the future. However, in 2013, Google was criticized for bringing the first such smart glass. There are allegations of taking pictures or recording with the help of that glass without permission and not having enough knowledge to use it. Google authorities also took note. Google later stopped selling it. And some improvements are being made to Google glasses. Google has special technology for taking pictures, capturing videos and audio with those glasses. Browsing the internet and communicating with people, using various applications including social networking websites. And it also has voice and face recognition technology.

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