Google announced quantum computer manufacture

Google researchers have announced a major milestone in the long study of quantum computer manufacturing, which has led to the hope of a systematic revolution in computer technology.

In an article published in the science journal Nature, scientists at Google say they have solved a mathematical problem in their lab in Santa Barbara in 5 minutes and 20 seconds, which today’s supercomputers do not have the ability to finish in a thousand years.

This computing motion is called quantum supremacy, which Google scientists claim has achieved.

The New York Times writes that scientists are comparing Google’s announcement with the Wright brothers’ first flight into the sky in the 5th.
Scott Anderson, a computer scientist at the University of Texas who was involved in reviewing Google’s research report before publishing, said the Wright brothers were the first to fly in the airplane. But they wanted to prove that aircraft could be built, and they could prove it.

This quantum machine, which is the product of a long study of scientists, will work quite differently than today’s known computer.

Scientists believe that this device will one day take artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence far ahead or easily break the current file encryption system.

The encryption system of a country’s computer network is very important for national security. And that is why the US and Chinese government are prioritizing research on quantum computers.

However, some researchers are suggesting that Google’s announcement should not be too overbearing right now. They say that such a computer can be made, it has to be proven first. And so many more paths have to be crossed.
Besides Google, big companies like Microsoft, Intel and IBM have long been competing in the study of quantum computers. Venture Capital Companies has recently invested $ 100 million in startup companies in the sector.

China has developed their Quantum Lab at a cost of $ 1 million. China has doubled the number of patents applied to quantum technology in recent years by the United States. The Trump administration also recently promised to invest $ 1.2 billion in the study.


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