The 10 most-sold smartphones in the world

On the way to the end of the 2019th. Apple is the leader in the sale of smartphones this year. Apple has replaced two of its most popular smartphones in the list of smartphones. According to market research firm Counterpoint, the third quarter of the year, the highest selling smartphone in July to September, is the iPhone XR model. The smartphone occupies 10 percent of the market. Beyond that, smartphones of companies like Samsung, Oppo, Shaomi also made it to the top 10 list of best selling smartphones. Find out who is the best selling smartphone

Picture: Apple

IPhone XR: Apple launched the XR model on September 2019 as an affordable model iPhone. Initially this phone did not respond very much. After some price reduction, the sales of the phone quickly increase. XR has made it to Apple’s list of best-selling phones across all four quarters. Buy Now

Picture : Samsung

Samsung A10: In February this year, the South Korean company Samsung brought to the market an affordable budget smartphone A10. The 6.20-inch touchscreen display, Exynos 7884 processor and 2GB RAM phone is the second on the list of best-selling phones. Buy Now

Picture : Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A50: The number 3 most-sold smartphone is the Samsung smartphone. Samsung’s three-camera smartphone Galaxy A50 catches the customer’s attention as a mid-range smartphone. Buy Now

Picture : Oppo

Oppo A9: Oppo A9 has been ranked among the top three smartphones list this time. At the forefront of this model is the smartphone. The midrange smartphone has a dual camera, 4GB of RAM and a 6-inch display. Buy Now

Picture: Apple

IPhone 11: This year the most popular iPhone 11 model has been sold. The newest model of the iPhone is the number 5 of the top selling smartphones in the world. Buy Now

Picture : Oppo

Oppo A5S: The second most popular smartphone is the A5S. This year, Chinese smartphone maker’s entry-level phone responds well to buyers. Buy Now

Picture : Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A20: 2019 is the third most popular smartphone A20 model among the smartphones that consumers have purchased in the Samsung brand. The new smartphone was at the center of consumer interest as a budget device. Buy Now

Picture: Oppo

Oppo A5: This year, our smartphones have attracted a lot of customers. The A5 model has also been included in the list of best-selling smartphones. Buyers have opted for the quad camera setup on the back because of the camera features. Buy Now

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Xiaomi Redmi 7A: One of the most popular smartphones in the list of smartphones has been replaced by the model smartphone. This year, the entry level smartphone made by the Chinese company has put the model ahead of customers this year. Buy Now

Picture: Huawei

Huawei P30: Huawei has tried to smash Samsung this year in terms of smartphone sales. The Chinese company is currently the second largest smartphone maker in the world. The Huawei P30 series smartphone, which came to market in March this year, has made it to the top selling list of top 10 smartphones. Buy Now

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