Which are the most popular websites in the world?

What are the most visited websites? This information was recently surveyed by an information technology company. Based on that report, there are 10 websites selected, where 160 million viewers (readers and viewers) visit monthly. Which sites have seen the most views in the past year? Here is the information –


Google is the most frequently visited website in the whole world, Google. Of course there was no doubt about this!


YouTube has emerged as the second most popular website in the world. YouTube likes to watch videos.


There are more than 20 million users on Facebook. In general, third place is Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.


Baidu is China’s answer to Google! That is, China’s own search engine. And this is the fourth most popular website in the world.


Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website in the world.


Amazon is the sixth most popular e-commerce site in the world.


Twitter is the second most popular social media platform, the seventh most popular website in the world.


Facebook is a social media platform occupied by eighth position.


Yahoo is ranked ninth in the search engine.


Shocking but real! Porn site Xvideo is the tenth most popular website in the world.

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