Pathao co-founder Fahim was ‘murdered’ in New York

According to the New York-based Daily News, New York police found the mutilated body of a Bangladeshi youth in a building in Manhattan on Tuesday. Website developer Fahim Saleh, 33, is believed to be Saleh’s co-founder of Ride Sharing App Pathao. Went to the scene, the victim’s sister called 911 and asked for help. Concerned that he had not received a phone call from his brother the day before, he went to the $ 2.15 million apartment and found the horrific scene. As soon as the victim came out on his floor, he fell, probably shot or stunned, a source said, adding that the killer, a very professional person, was carrying a suitcase. Fahim was born in 1966. His father Saleh Uddin is from Chattogram and his mother is from Noakhali. He studied information systems at Bentley University in the United States. He started Patha in Dhaka in 2014 and gained a reputation as a young entrepreneur. He also owns two ride-sharing apps in Nigeria and Colombia. He had a business in Indonesia

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