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Sajek Valley is in the northern border of Rangamati district of Bangladesh adjacent to Mizoram province of India. It is the biggest Union Council of Bangladesh covering the area about 702 square mile. At the north of Sajek is Tripura province of India, Longdu of Rangamati at south, Mizoram at east and Dighinala of Khagrhachori district at west.

Though it is in Rangamati but from Dighinala of Khagrhachori is suitable for communication. Journey by boat cross through Kaptai Lake and after a long walk it is possible to reach at Sajek from Rangamati. It’s 70km from Khagrhachori, 49km from Dighinala and 34km from Baghaighat. The route to Sajek from Khagrhachori is through Army Camp of Dighinala. Afetr that 10 no Bahaighat Police & Army camp from where every traveler have to get permission from authority.

The next milestone will be Kasalong Bridge crossing the Kasalong River. Then you will reach at Tigertila Army Post and Masalong Bazar. After Masalong Bazar the first village of Sajek Valley Roilui Para at the height of 1800ft. The acrogenic are Lusai and the other inhabitants are Pangkua and Tripura. It was established at 1885. The head man of the village is called Lal-Thanga-Lusai. The most exiting visiting spot is little far from Roilui Para. There has the highest Border Guard camp of Bangladesh. The has a helipad for emergency.

You can visit Komolok Fall by tracking for 2/3 hours form Loilui Rara. It is also known as Pidamtaisha Fall or Sikamtaisha Fall. The last village of Sajek Valley is Konglok Para. It is a Lusai village. The head man is called Choumingthai Lusai. The Lusai hill of India is clearly visible from Konglok Para from where Karnaphuli River born. Though there are no BGB camp after Sajek tourist spot, for security issue sometimes visit to Konglok Para is prohibited. At the time of return from Sajek you can also visit Hajachorha Fall, Hanging Bridge and Forestry of Dighinala. Hotel & Resort Sajek Resort: It is operated by Bangladesh Army. There has 4 rooms at 1st floor and dining. Contact- 01859 025 694, 01847 070 395 Runmoy Resort: There has three 2 seated room at ground floor and 4 tent. Every tent has the accommodation capacity of 4 persons. Contact: 01862 011 852 Alo Resort: It is at Roilui Para. There has 6 rooms including 4 double seated and 2 single.

Contact: Palash Chakma, 01863 606 906 or 0371 620 067 Roiluipara Club House: It has a capacity of 15 person. There is no dining or cafeteria available. Caretaker Maya Lusai will help to arrange for cooking. Contact: Laksman- 01860 010 402 or 01838 497 612. Dighinala Guest House: It is near the bus stand of Dighinala bazar. This is the best hotel near Sajek. Contact: Nur Mohammad- 01827 468 377. Local Transport The suitable transport is Hoodless Half Truck locally called Chander Gari. Contact: Nur Alam- 01820 732 043, Raz- 01820 741 662, Hanif- 01828 829 908, Midhal- 01867 135 214, Shibu- 01820 746 744.

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