What to know before traveling to Sikkim in winter?

There is no shortage of places to visit in India. It is said that if the country turns around or half of the world is seen. What more could a traveler want for this? From the mountains to the desert, even the icy beauty – what’s not in India? To fulfill all the demands of the traveling lovers, the creator has developed Sikkim in the northeast of India, surrounded by natural beauty. Surrounded by mountains, mountains and natural wonders, the state is a wonder. The spectacular views of snow, mountains and fountains will easily captivate your mind. Sikkim, seventeen thousand feet above sea level, became like a snowflake in the winter!

For a long time Bangladeshis were not allowed to go to Sikkim. It has been a while since this barrier has been removed. So why this winter and late? Get ready But before you go to Sikkim, there are many things you need to know. For example, when to travel, how to travel, how much to spend, or how much – to write about the journey to Sikkim.

Like other regions of the world, there is a special time to travel around Sikkim. But at other times, it is not at all that you will be tricked. But if you want to taste the tangy essence of this extraordinary beauty, you have to go in March-April or September-October. Because, if you go another time, you will not see the beauty of the blue water lakes. Besides, you will miss many tourist spots as the snow covered roads are very difficult. However, if you want to experience the intense winter and white snow, Sikkim can come at a very small cost at other times. You can also visit the South and West Sikkim at any time. However, it is best to avoid the monsoon season.

The state of Sikkim is divided into four parts – North, East, South and West. In North Sikkim you can visit Sisik, Lachung, Yumthang, Lachen and many more sights. In East Sikkim you can enjoy the immense beauty of nature by visiting Rishikola, Arita, Zuluk, Nathang Valley, Kupap Lake and many more. South Sikkim is famous for tourism, including Namchi, Temi Tea Garden, Rabangla, Borang, Kalu. On the other hand, West Sikkim, Gazing, Singer Bridge, Kanchenjunga Falls, Rinchenpongs, some places will catch your mind.

Although Sikkim is open for travel, you can still not go to many places. Some of these places are Nathulapas, Gurdangmar, Baba Mandir and Kalapathar. Beyond that, some other places near the border are still restricted to tourists. You will only be allowed to get a gangcat, but if you want to visit more places then it is better to get permission through travel agencies.

Those who are already accustomed to travel know that the cost of travel depends a lot on how many of you are going. Good to know, you need to turn around in a six-seat car in Sequim. The cost of moving two cars with that car will cost the same for six turns. So if you go around Sikkim, it would be wise to group it. One thing to keep in mind, before you leave the country, you have to group.

Whatever border you do not enter India, if you want to go to Sikkim you have to go to Siliguri first. And since Phulbari is near the Siliguri (12km) from the immigration port, it is better to go there to reduce costs. If you want to get low cost from Sikkim with a group, it can cost Tk. 3,000 for 3-5 days. Remember, travel costs depend on how you live, where you eat. If you want to get away from Sikkim at a low cost, you must be economical. There are various travel agencies that do not have to go through extra trouble.

There are many ways to get to Sikkim. Depending on your travel plans, you know exactly how you want to go in Sikkim. If you want, you can fly to Kolkata by plane. From there, the gang can easily go in a jeep. Besides, you can move from the Bangla-bound immigration of Phulbari to the TTTM at the SILGURI SNT stand. From there, you can easily go to Gangtok by jeep. Immigration from Siliguri to TomTom may cost 5 rupees and if you zip from Siliguri, the fare will be 25 rupees. Now divide the total cost into six evenly divided groups. Only then will you know exactly how each one is doing.

According to the legal rules you can keep ten thousand bucks and five thousand dollars. It is good to know that taking Indian currency out of the country is legally punishable. So do not carry Indian coins while leaving Bangladesh. Money exchange will be available at the immigration office. If you have Bangladeshi money, make them Rs. If you want, you can buy the SIM of the mobile. Where you go depends on your travel plans. As I said before, it is best to go through a travel agency. But if you find someone in your group who has already visited Sikkim you can count on his experience. You can go by bus or train to Panchagarh in Bangladesh. From there the Bangla-Bandha bus leaves shortly afterwards. The rent is not that high, only 5 bucks. Immigration down the bus. After completing all the work, get out of there and rent an auto to Siliguri Junction. Take Siliguri to SNT. From there you have to get your Inner Line Permission. If you have not already obtained a permit from Bangladesh, you can get your permit from here. If you have a permit, make a ticket for the jeep. You can also get on the bus if you want. However, the bus takes a long time

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