Again China: “Hunta Virus” More deadly than Corona

The whole world is shaking with the terror of the Corona virus. Virtually the entire world occupied the maroon virus. No antidote has been discovered so far. Multiple countries have reported the names of multiple drugs, but no drugs have been supplied so far as a direct anti-Corona virus. Meanwhile, the extent of Corona is increasing. So far, there are 8,122,8 people affected by coronas around the world. Out of which, the number of victims in India has dropped to six.

And just when Corona Emergency is running around the world, another new virus has emerged! The name Hanta Virus! China is also the origin of the land !! So far 5 have died and 12 are in China! This virus is not immune! It is called hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS).
But how does this virus spread? Is this also going to create horror like Corona? What is now known is that the virus does not spread in the air, hanta virus mainly spreads from animals of the beaver species, which can cause fever and rash.

Headache, bodily problems are the primary cause of bladder problems, shortness of breath. This can result in reduced blood pressure and kidney failure.
The point of happiness is that it does not spread from the human body to the human body, at least until now.
According to the Center Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) its mortality rate is 5%

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