In India one woman is raped every 5 minutes-Fogfires

According to a report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a woman is raped every 5 minutes in India. The report focuses on sexual harassment and rape of women in different places of India in the 21st.

According to the NCRB report, four women were raped in the country in 20 years. Of these, 221 were murdered after rape. The Indian Penal Code and the Puxo Act have registered a total of 25, 12 child rape cases. Five of them were murdered.

Women in the country are the most raped in the age group of 3-5 years. Uttar Pradesh is at the top of the crime against women. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, such incidents are most common in Maharashtra and West Bengal. Of the 8,960 offenses recorded in Uttar Pradesh, 3 in Maharashtra and 5 in West Bengal.

According to the NCRB, a housewife was abused every 5 minutes in different parts of the country. Every 5 minutes, women are subjected to heinous crimes like rape. Every two hours a woman is raped.

In addition, one person was killed in acid attack for two and a half days and death for betting every 6 hours. According to the survey, women in the age group of 5 to 6 years are the most raped. Out of the 12 thousand 5 rape cases across the country in 9 out of the 9,8 cases, the rapists are close relatives, friends or family members.

The report was released two years later on Tuesday. In 9.5% of the total rape cases, rape rapes have been identified by women. The offender is the nearest relative in the case of 9,8 rape cases; In 4,000 cases the rapist is a relative, friend, manager, office boss, neighbor or any other known person In 7,900 cases, the accused is the friend of the rapist, the person who is talking online, the live-in partner or the divorced husband.

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